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From the Nursery class onwards, children are given access to a rich variety of books, both fiction and non-fiction. We aim to help the children become fluent and enthusiastic readers. We acknowledge that developing a pleasure reading gain a rich vocabulary, more knowledge critical thinking skills and become more independent learners. A structured reading programme is used throughout the school comprising books from a range of schemes including Pearsen, Story Chest, Literacy Evolve, Cambridge Readers and The Book Project. It is supplemented by a carefully chosen range of children’s literature.  A well resourced library is available for the children and the teachers to use. The children read daily, either individually or in small groups, and they cover a wide range of books that are banded according to their levels of difficulty and the skills required. 


Early Reading

Being read to is very important as is using songs and rhyme. Pupils will develop an interest in holding books independently and looking through them. They will begin to know how books work and that people make them. Pupils will start predicting the contents from the cover, title and illustrations.

Illustrations play an important part in early reading. They give clues to the reader about the storyline and the text, they provide information about the setting, share an insight into the characters and support retelling in the correct order.

The use of repetitive text in early reading is vital as this will develop confidence in the reader; enabling them to join in with the storyteller.


PDF iconRecommend reading list for Nursery

PDF iconRecommend reading list for Reception

Reading at home

It is expected that children spend 10 minutes each night reading. We use a comprehensive reading scheme in Reception and KS1, reading books are phonics based to help revisit and consolidate phonics learning in class as well as other fiction and non-fiction. Books for home reading are selected depending on the age and ability of the children. Children are given a book each week from the school’s home reading scheme and the teacher uses their assessment of the children to inform their guidance of the child when choosing their reading book.

When we provide your child with a reading book, we want them to feel confident that they will be able to read it. We make sure that your child is able to complete 95% of the book independently in order for them to develop their reading voice and comprehension skills.

Parents are also encouraged to write in the Reading Records in order to log reading frequency and progress. The class teacher will also comment in these and suggestions as to how the family can support the child with the book are written in your child’s reading diary.

PDF iconReading programme of study - Year 1 


PDF iconReading programme of study - Year 2

PDF icon Reading at home tips for Parents

Here are a selection of recommend texts to share with your child at home.

PDF iconRecommend reading list for Year 1 

PDF iconRecommend reading list for Year 2


PDF icon Progression of Skills document for Reading 

 PDF icon Guided reading Policy