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As we learn and grow we let all our actions speak of God’s loving care

The School Day

School hours


Nursery Morning Session                  8.45am - 11.45am
              Afternoon Session              12.30pm -  3.30pm  


Infants                                             8.45am - 12.05pm
                                                         1.15pm -   3.05pm


Registration                                          8.55am


At the end of each full term (i.e. Christmas, Easter and Summer) the school closes early at 1.00pm.  The Nursery always closes the day before the rest of the school.

The doors open at 8.45am. Children are expected to wait quietly and not run around the garden.  Smoking is not permitted on school grounds and litter bins are provided for your use.  Children are not to eat/drink within the school grounds. Please DO NOT leave your child unattended as the school does not take responsibility for pupils until 8.50 am when they arrive in their classroom.


Every minute in school counts!

Being late means your child:

- Misses joining in with morning prayers

- Misses important social time with friends before the school day begins

- Misses vital information at the beginning of the first lesson making it harder to learn

- Misses time to look at teacher comments made on pieces of completed work and make corrections if necessary

Even if your child is only 5 minutes late,

3 lates = 15 minutes missed

(which is equivalent of one reading session)


 School finishes at 3:05pm so children should be promptly collected. If a child has not been collected until 3:30pm, the school will ring the parent. If late collections continue a letter will be sent out to the parents.