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It is important that the school is notified of any relevant details which may affect your child.

When a child starts school, parents are asked to supply information about their health and medical history.  Once settled in school (usually around aged 5) a child has a hearing and eye test.  During the Summer term the school participates in the National Child Measurement Programme which measures the height and weight of children in Reception.  This is optional and your child is not obliged to take part, but the majority of parents are happy for their child to be included.  It is assumed that most children have had several checkups by the time they start school, including a ‘development check’ at around aged 3.

If your child has appointments in school or with outside agencies e.g. speech therapist, please ensure that appointments made are kept.  Failure to attend appointments may result in your child being discharged from speech therapy.

The Specialist Nurse Practitioner also visits occasionally.  The nurse may be asked to test a child’s vision or hearing.  If you object to your child being seen without a parent being present, please notify the Head Teacher in writing as soon as your child starts school.

Please ensure the school is notified of any allergies your child may have e.g. peanut.
If your child has a packed lunch please does not give him/her foods containing nuts, including peanut butter, as several children may have an allergy to nuts.  It is the responsibility of a parent to ensure medication kept in school does not go beyond its use by date. Thank you.



Mrs Mather and Mrs Brennan are both paediatric trained first aiders working in the Foundation Stage. 

The following staff at the school have been trained in first aid: Mrs Ng, Mrs Brennan, Mrs Shan, Mrs Cartin and Mrs Brett.  All of them hold the First Aid at Work certificate and three members of staff also are Paediatric trained. Teaching Assistants and SEN Support Assistants support learning in the classrooms and are responsible for treating and comforting your child during illness.  Should your child become ill or be involved in an accident which necessitates your child being sent home it is very important that we have two contact numbers, usually your home and place of work where you can be contacted in case of an emergency.  It is vital that our records are kept up to date so if you change telephone number, address or place of work please let us know immediately.

Schools are under no obligation to give out medication, however we are happy to do so. Medicines can only be administered by the first aiders and only if prescribed by a doctor.
If your child has been given antibiotics, they must stay at home for a minimum of two days before returning to school.  All medication is kept in the medical room and parents must complete a form authorising our qualified first aiders to give out medicine on their behalf.  Please contact one of our assistants if medicine needs to be left in school.  Medication is not to be placed in a child’s book bag.


Regular visitors to the school include the community fire officers who instruct the children on safety within the home.  Follow up activities and discussions in the classrooms ensure that the children are aware of the need for safety.  For reasons of safety the main school doors are kept locked throughout the day and visitors are asked to ring the doorbell for attention.