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As we learn and grow we let all our actions speak of God’s loving care

Our Catholic School


As a Catholic school we stress the centrality of Religious Education within the curriculum.  Our school ethos is based on caring, sharing, kindness and forgiveness and we aim to help the children develop a personal relationship with God.  We recognise the importance of a strong partnership between home, school and parish.  This is encouraged by means of shared worship through the celebration of the Eucharist and class assemblies and liturgies to which parents are invited.  We follow the ‘Come and See’ Religious Education Programme throughout the school. There are also many opportunities during the day to help the children discover and appreciate the beauty and mystery of God’s world.  In 2011 we established our Prayer Garden, which was blessed by Cardinal Vincent Nichols, as part of our eightieth anniversary celebrations.


Mission Statement

As we learn and grow together let all our actions speak of God’s loving care

  •  We share a commitment to the task of Catholic Education 
  •  We are a worshipping community

  •  Our teaching and example lead the children towards a deeper love and understanding of God

  •  We recognise and value one another’s gifts

  •  Every person is respected, known and loved
  •  The children are aware of God’s love for all people

  •  The day is begun and ended with prayer.


The Aims of Our School

Within the framework of a Catholic Education we aim to:

  • create a secure and welcoming atmosphere for all, where prayer and worship are part of daily life 

  • provide pupils with a broad and balanced curriculum which meets the needs of each individual child 

  • maintain the quality of teaching and learning ensuring high standards 

  • foster an active partnership between home, school and parish 
  • help our children to be happy, caring and eager to learn 

  •  ensure equal opportunities for all 

  •  help our children respect others and the environment.

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