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As we learn and grow we let all our actions speak of God’s loving care

Year 1

Key Stage 1 Christmas Concert 2019 (12 images)

Another Year ......Another superb Christmas Concert

Exploring our sense of taste - October 2017 (6 images)

In Year 1, we have been learning all about our senses. We particularly enjoyed exploring our sense of taste where we tasted lots of different foods!

Autumn Walk - October 2017 (5 images)

Year 1 went for a walk around our local area looking for signs of Autumn.

Year 1 - Poetry (6 images)

Year 1 have been learning to recite a animal based poem called 'Snakes'. To help them remember the poem they added actions.

Year 1 - Weather (8 images)

We have been learning about about weather. We have been observing the weather each day and recording our observations.

Year 1 - RAF Museum Trip 05.07.17 (9 images)

Year 1 enjoyed an exciting and informative day out to the RAF Museum. They had the chance to look at and go inside various war planes used in the past. They even got the chance to ride a glider!

Year 1 - Fruit and vegetable salad (8 images)

Year 1 have been learning all about the importance of food hygiene . They have also learnt the different ways fruit and vegetables can be prepared and cut.

Maths Workshop for Parents (6 images)

Parents joined children to explored and played various mathematical games. Parents also had to the opportunity to attend a teacher led session on the importance of playing maths games in helping children to develop good number sense and reasoning skills.

Ourselves (1 images)

Year 1 have been learning all about their bodies and naming body parts.

Weather topic (10 images)

We spoke of cold wintry weather, went out to look at the frosty morning and found small icy patches. Children put petals, leaves and twigs and a piece of string into lids, added water then left them out overnight to see if they would freeze. We had no luck for several nights but eventually it was cold enough. There was also ice put into a builder’s tray with small world animals. “It’s too freezing” It’s like skating” “It feels like putting my hand in the freezer” “It’s freezing and very hard” “It melts because it’s warm in the school”

Let's keep healthy and stay active! (12 images)

All the children in the EYFS have been staying healthy and active on our outdoor climbing equipment. All the children have also been learning to put any the equipment safely.

Making soup (5 images)

In class we talked about ways to keep warm in winter. We made vegetable soup. Children helped with some washing and cutting, saw the cooked soup and observed the effect of blending. We had a soup party with bread and grated cheese.

Miss O'Gorman's class visit Burnt Oak Library (5 images)

The children are very keen and listened well to Julie, the librarian as she read a story. They shared books, sometimes helping each other with reading simple parts. As we left, one child said to Julie: “Are you coming back with us?”

Cooking in the mud kitchen (4 images)

Children in Nursery and Reception have been happily cooking and creating lovely dishes in their very own MUD KITCHEN!!!