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Liturgies and Assemblies gallery

Family Project - Finding out about a saint. (5 images)

There were some wonderful pieces of work completed about their class saints and other saints of interest. Each class have shared this work with their friends.

Celebrating Judaism Week 2018 (2 images)

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Cass, who spoke to us about the Jewish faith and shared some of their traditions with us.

Year 2 Summer Music Concert (11 images)

Year 2 with the help of Mrs Heeran put together an excellent end of year music concert. Many children played various tunes they had learnt on their recorders and then all Year 2 children performed some wonderful new songs.

Leavers Mass 11th July 2018 (7 images)

We celebrated our leavers Mass with Father Colin and many Year 2 parents.

Music Concert with The Annunciation Junior School (7 images)

A beautiful performance of the the song 'Here I am to Worship'

Children visit The Grotto (4 images)

As May is a special month for Mary, the Nursery children visited The Grotto in the grounds of the Church. The children were led in prayers to Mary and listened to Ave Maria.

Spirituality Week 6-10th June (13 images)

The whole school participated in Spirituality Week – “Finding God In All Things”. We prayed in different ways throughout the week. The children were thoughtful and reflective in their responses. Parents and children contributed prayers to our spirituality garden.

Door of Mercy (7 images)

Fr David blessed our Door of Mercy which we created in response to Pope Francis called for a Year of Mercy.

Harvest Liturgy (6 images)

Remembrance Liturgy (4 images)