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As we learn and grow we let all our actions speak of God’s loving care


Week 9 Home Learning Photos (9 images)

Week 7 (14 images)

Week 6 Home Learning so far..... (47 images)

VE Day celebrations (7 images)

Week 5 Home Learning (30 images)

Week 4 - Home Learning photos so far (46 images)

Lego Challenge (11 images)

Celebrating St George's Day (14 images)

Home Learning photos over the Easter holidays (15 images)

Easter story, gardens and phonic activities (10 images)

Holiday Homework project - Create a rainbow (10 images)

Holiday Home work - Recycled craft activity (5 images)

Photos of recycled craft animals completed

Family Rainbow Project and other home learning photos (18 images)

Home Learning Photos - Week 2 (63 images)

Home Learning photos - Week 1 (41 images)

Photos of home learning activities completed so far

Half term homework - Computing Focus (8 images)

As part of our half term family projects and leading on from Internet Safety Day pupils were asked to complete some 'Computing' focused work at home. They could complete teacher selected and set activities through the Lgfl online learning resources to support teaching and learning in class or had the option to complete a robot that could be instructed to complete certain actions linking this to programming and coding. We celebrated all those who completed this task in our whole school assembly.

NSPCC Maths Day 06.02.20 (9 images)

A wonderful day all about Maths!! There was maths going on all around the school.

International week 27-31st January 2020 (14 images)

What a wonderful week celebrating all the cultures within our school.

Year 2 - Library visit - 20.01.20 (5 images)

Mrs Nugent's class went to visit our local library. They had the opportunity to look at lots of books an had a lovely book read to them.

Nursery Christmas Concert 2019 (10 images)

Some wonderful pictures taken at the Nursery Christmas Concert

Key Stage 1 Christmas Concert 2019 (12 images)

Another Year ......Another superb Christmas Concert

Reception Christmas Concert 2019 (7 images)

Well done to all of our Reception children for their excellent Christmas Concert.

Day of Service to Others December 2018 (13 images)

We had a wonderful day completed activities for the good of others. These activities included a litter pick around the school, singing outside our local library, special grandparents afternoon tea and singing for residents of Hanshawe drive.

Year 1 - An Autumn walk around our local area (6 images)

Year 1 combined an Autumn walk around our local area with their geography topic.

Barnet Music Festival - 10th October (5 images)

'This year's festival theme was World Music, schools were able to perform one song that was World related. Our school chose an African Medley which was arranged by Mrs Heeran.'

Our weekly litter pick (4 images)

Mrs Woods and 4 children have been walking around out local area on a Wednesday picking up litter. We have now begun to sort the litter into paper, tins/cans and plastic so we can recycle it.

Wear ‘PINK’ in memory of Siobhan Mather (7 images)

All the children wore pink on Friday 28th June in memory of Siobhan Mather and donated £1. The money collected has donated to Mrs Mather’s chosen charity - Noah’s Ark

International Links with a school in Poland (4 images)

Year 2 pupils have made a link with a school in Radom, Poland. The pupils designed and made Easter cards to send to their new friends.

Year 2 Music performance - 28th March 2019 (4 images)

Some Year 2 pupils entertained local elderly Barnet residents attending a lunchtime club at The Annunciation Parish Centre. Pupils played their recorders and sang some beautiful cheerful songs.

Art Week (9 images)

What a fantastic 'Art Week' focused on 'Sculptures' was had by all puils across the school. Pupils created sculpture using natural materials, clay and wire. Lots of parents also enjoyed visiting our 'Sculpture Gallery' to look at and celebrate the wonderful work completed .

Year 2 Environmental Centre trip (7 images)

Year 2 pupils enjoyed an exciting and informative trip to Barnet Environmental Centre.

Big Bird Watch (6 images)

Some children, with the help and support of Miss O'Gorman took part in the Big Bird Watch. They used binoculars to try and spot different birds around a local area.

Everybody writes! Pirate themed week. (9 images)

All the children and staff had a wonderful pirate themed writing week. The children met a 'real life' pirate called Captain John. All class were given a parrot to look after, although some class parrots went missing and some classes even had their class bear stolen by Captain John.

Adoremus Book (4 images)

All the schools in the Barnet Deanery have contributed to this book which celebrates the year of the Eucharist. Year 2 pupils completed 4 wonderful pages in this book. This special book will be presented at the Adoremus mass to celebrate the end of our Eucharist journey in June 2019.

Collective Worship with The Junior School (6 images)

We celebrated a Collective Worship led by pupils from The Junior School.

90th Anniversary of the Church 24.01.19 (10 images)

We celebrated the 90th Anniversary of the Church with the Junior school. It was a beautiful Mass which included wonderful singing, dancing and storytelling.

School Meals (2 images)

Advent 2018 (4 images)

In Nursery we have been learning about Advent and enjoyed making our own Advent wreaths and had fun decorating the Christmas tree in our classroom.

Day of Service to Others December 2018 (1 images)

Some Nursery children made some new friends when we visited neighbours close to our school, telling them the story of the Nativity and singing our songs.

Learning about Baptism 2018 (2 images)

In Nursery we have been learning about Baptism and visited Father Colin in Church to hear all about what happens during a christening.

Party Day 2018 (5 images)

All pupils throughout the school thoroughly enjoyed their 'Party Day'. Delicious food was shared, games were played and music was heard across the school. All the teachers joined in and had fun! We even had a visit from a Christmas Elf!

Christmas Garden 2018 (3 images)

We have created a beautiful Christmas Garden which depicts the Christmas story.

Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday Party 13.05.16 (10 images)

The whole school enjoyed celebrating the Queen's Birthday. The children wore wonderful crowns and tiaras and had a fantastic time. Food was shared, music was played and we even made the Queen a birthday cake!!Some children from Year 2 also learnt and played 'God save the Queen' on their recorders.

Year 2 - Animals (6 images)

Year 2 were lucky enough to have 'Living eggs' delivered to our school. The children were able to observe them as they hatched, monitored their growth and even let them out on the playground to play!

All Saints Mass (4 images)

Collective Worship in Mrs Nugent's Class (3 images)

Collective Worship in Mrs Bohan's class (5 images)

Maths & Literacy Workshops (6 images)

We had well attended Maths & Literacy workshops. Parents were informed by the teachers ways in which they could support their children at home and had some time left to play some exciting maths games.

Remembrance Liturgy (6 images)

Family Project - Finding out about a saint. (5 images)

There were some wonderful pieces of work completed about their class saints and other saints of interest. Each class have shared this work with their friends.

Brighten up for CAFOD (10 images)

All the children dressed in their brightest clothes to raise money for CAFOD.

Harvest Liturgy 2018 (8 images)

Romero Crosses (6 images)

Leavers Mass 11th July 2018 (7 images)

Mass for St Peter and Paul (6 images)

The Common Good (9 images)

Little Way Week (2 images)

Celebrating Judaism Week 2018 (2 images)

We were lucky enough to have a visit from Mrs Cass, who spoke to us about the Jewish faith and shared some of their traditions with us.

Music Concert with The Annunciation Catholic Junior School - 17.07.18 (11 images)

Year 2 pupils joined the children at the junior school to share and celebrate their musical talents.

Year 2 - Designing and making castles (4 images)

Children in Year 2 worked together to plan, design and create these amazing castles.

Year 2 Summer Music Concert (11 images)

Year 2 with the help of Mrs Heeran put together an excellent end of year music concert. Many children played various tunes they had learnt on their recorders and then all Year 2 children performed some wonderful new songs.

Leavers Mass 11th July 2018 (7 images)

We celebrated our leavers Mass with Father Colin and many Year 2 parents.

Sports Day - 6th July 2018 (9 images)

WOW!! What a scorcher of a day. The children thoroughly enjoyed their walk to the Junior School, the mix of exciting and challenging sports activities as well as taking part in the running races!

Year 2 - Dance Festival 2018 (7 images)

After the first performance being postponed because of the snowy weather, our children pulled all the stops out and performed a wonderful dance based on the film Beauty and the Beast.

Year 2 - International Links with a School in Poland. (7 images)

For the past two years Mrs Heeran has established links with a primary school in Poland. During this time we have exchanged emails, pictures and videos of special events and celebrations. Here are some photos of the most recent letters exchanged between the pupils.

Team Siobhan – Let’s keep active (10 images)

What a day!! The sun was shining and we kept on moving!!! Thank you all so much for being so generous! We managed to raise £5300 which we have sent to Mrs Mather (Siobhan’s Mummy) and she will add to the fundraising page.

Nursery - Shape (4 images)

We have been learning the names of 2D and 3D shapes.

Cooking in Nursery (2 images)

It’s important to rub all the butter into the flour even if it’s a bit sticky!

Nursery - Learning about animals (6 images)

We are talking about animals. We painted pictures of the pet we would like to have at home. We went to the park to look for woodland animals like squirrels, hedgehogs, birds and foxes. We were listening for bird songs and smelling flowers and blossom. We found lots of interesting things to touch.

Activities in Nursery during May (3 images)

How high can we build this tower? How long will this road be? We put these numbers in order and made our own game.

Nursery children visit the Grotto. (3 images)

May is the month of Mary and we visited the Church garden.

Year 2 visit Barnet Environmental Centre (5 images)

Both Year 2 classes enjoyed a wonderful and educational trip. They explored the surrounding environment and even had a chance to do some pond dipping.

International displays around the school (17 images)

Look at all the amazing displays around our school! The children and teachers worked very hard throughout International week to produce these wonderful displays!!

International Assembly with the Junior School (6 images)

Another wonderful afternoon shared with the Junior School. Songs and dances from around the whole were shared by both schools.

International Week - 22nd-26th January (8 images)

What a week!! This is just a small number of fabulous photos taken across an amazing International Week in school. We had visitors for all different countries around the world sharing facts, costumes, music and tasty food. We are truly blessed to all be part of such a culturally diverse school.

More International Week photographs (13 images)

Reception Nativity Concert - December 2017 (5 images)

What a wonderful Nativity Concert! Here are just a few photos from it.

Key Stage 1 - Nativity Concert (9 images)

What a wonderful Nativity Concert. Here are some photos that capture parts of it.

Outdoor play - Nursery - December 2017 (2 images)

It’s always fun to play together outside.

Nursery Christmas Concert (5 images)

We prepared for Christmas by telling the Nativity story on stage, acting and singing songs for our families to watch us.

Exploring ice in Nursery (1 images)

We had a busy half term exploring and finding out just how cold ice is.

Nursery - Baptism - December 2017 (3 images)

We visited the Church and listened carefully as Father Colin talked to us about Baptism and them we pretended to baptise a baby in our class.

Book Look 6.12.17 (9 images)

What a successful morning! Lots of parents come to look through their children's books . Achievements were celebrated and parents noted some of the next steps in their child's learning in order to support them at home.

Exploring our sense of taste - October 2017 (6 images)

In Year 1, we have been learning all about our senses. We particularly enjoyed exploring our sense of taste where we tasted lots of different foods!

Autumn Walk - October 2017 (5 images)

Year 1 went for a walk around our local area looking for signs of Autumn.

Year 2 - Trip to Barnet Environmental Centre (9 images)

Both Year 2 classes enjoyed a fun pack trip to Barnet Environmental centre. They learnt about plants used as medicines, different types of trees and even hugged a tree!!

When Rosie came to visit - September 2017 (3 images)

Mrs Donnellan brought her pet dog into visit as part of the Year 2 topic on animals. Prior to their visit the children came up with various questions they wanted to ask before her visit.

Year 1 - Poetry (6 images)

Year 1 have been learning to recite a animal based poem called 'Snakes'. To help them remember the poem they added actions.

Year 2 - Music Lesson (10 images)

Year 2 have been combining long and short sounds to accompany songs.

Year 2 - School trip to Toy Museum (11 images)

Year 2 went on a special trip to the Toy Museum in Bethnal Green linked to their current topic on Toys. They saw toys from the past and the present. They also had fun interacting with a variety of toys especially the rocking horse and giant sized robot. They would like to say a special thank you to the mummy helpers that came along to help make their day special.

Baby chicks - October 18 (8 images)

We have been lucky enough to have had eggs delivered to our school for us to look after. We did an amazing job and are currently looking after 10 healthy chicks. All the children have had the chance to observe the chicks and this has caused great excitement.

New Nursery pupils - September 2017 (10 images)

The children in Nursery are making new friends and trying many new things. They are excited to build, paint, play with new friends, cook, read and draw. The children love to play outside climbing, running and trying something different. They are learning to be independent and make choices for themselves.

An unexpected visit from a baby hedgehog (1 images)

We were very lucky to see a baby hedgehog. It had crawled away from its mother and a lady came to rescue it and she took the mummy and three babies to look after them and keep them safe.

EYFS - Learning more about minibeasts (3 images)

We have been looking at snails and how they move even though they only have one foot. They are enjoying some lettuce we grew in our garden.

EYFS - Learning about minibeasts (3 images)

We have been learning about minibeasts. We watched the caterpillars make themselves into a chrysalis and then the changed into butterflies. We let them fly away but one of the butterflies liked our flowers.

Nursery - Playing outside is fun! (6 images)

It’s always fun to play outside and we love to climb, build, dress up, play with water and especially mud!

Nursery Picnic 03.07.17 (6 images)

The Nursery children enjoyed a wonderful morning all together at Burnt Oak Leisure Centre playing games, having races and enjoying a picnic in the cool shade. Bubble blowing was lots of fun as well., even all the Mums, Dads, Aunties and Grandmas enjoyed the morning.

Year 2 Recorder Concert at Annunciation Junior School (4 images)

Some of the Year 2 children went to The Junior School to perform some songs and play several pieces on the recorder.

Year 1 - Weather (8 images)

We have been learning about about weather. We have been observing the weather each day and recording our observations.

Year 1 - RAF Museum Trip 05.07.17 (9 images)

Year 1 enjoyed an exciting and informative day out to the RAF Museum. They had the chance to look at and go inside various war planes used in the past. They even got the chance to ride a glider!

Sports Day 30.06.17 (11 images)

What a wonderful sports day! All the children took part in all the different activities the teachers had organised. The running races were fun but best of all was the having ice creams to finish off a lovely day.

Year 2 - Literacy Workshops (7 images)

We had very well attended and successful literacy workshops. A variety of literacy activities were provided for both parents and children to complete and work on together.

Year 2 - Trip to Barnet Environmental Centre (7 images)

Both Year 2 classes enjoyed a fun pack trip to Barnet Environmental centre. They learnt about plants used as medicines, different types of trees and even hugged a tree!!

Year 1 - Fruit and vegetable salad (8 images)

Year 1 have been learning all about the importance of food hygiene . They have also learnt the different ways fruit and vegetables can be prepared and cut.

Music Concert with The Annunciation Junior School (7 images)

A beautiful performance of the the song 'Here I am to Worship'

World Book Day 02.03.17 (9 images)

What amazing costumes!! A brilliant effort was made my children and staff on World Book Day.

Miss O'Gorman's class visit Burnt Oak Library (8 images)

The children are very keen and listened well to Julie, the librarian as she read a story. They shared books, sometimes helping each other with reading simple parts.

Reception - Food topic Jan 2017 (3 images)

Children enjoyed preparing various vegetables and making soup!! They even set up a vegetable shop in their class to buy their ingredients from.

Maths Workshop for Parents (6 images)

Parents joined children to explored and played various mathematical games. Parents also had to the opportunity to attend a teacher led session on the importance of playing maths games in helping children to develop good number sense and reasoning skills.

Year 2 Literacy Workshops Feb 2017 (9 images)

Two successful and well attended Year 2 Literacy Workshops. The selection of photos show the high level of engagement of both children and parents in various literacy based activities.

Drama 4 All - Phileas Fogg 10.10.16 (3 images)

All children enjoyed a short drama session where they traveled around the world with Phileas Fogg collecting gifts for the Queen's 90th Birthday.

Nursery - A busy half term (9 images)

Nursery have been very busy during their first few weeks at school, from cooking jam tarts to dressing up as princesses!!

Ourselves (1 images)

Year 1 have been learning all about their bodies and naming body parts.

National Giant Walking Bus - Wednesday 15th June (4 images)

On Wednesday 15th June all Year 1 pupils joined in ‘Brake Giant Walk for Road Safety’. All the children left school at 9.30 am and walked to Edgware station. The aim of Brake Giant Walk is to have as many pupils walking at 10 am as possible. Our pupils and parents were blessed with lovely weather conditions for walking. This is the fifth year in a row our school has joined in.

Dance session (8 images)

Miss Tinch's Class moved and danced in response to music linked to the story 'We're going on a bear hunt'.

Growth topic (7 images)

The children in Year 1 have been looking at plants and flowers growing around our school. They have also planted their own beans and are kept busy ensuring their plants have enough water and sunlight to grow.

Children visit The Grotto (4 images)

As May is a special month for Mary, the Nursery children visited The Grotto in the grounds of the Church. The children were led in prayers to Mary and listened to Ave Maria.

Weather topic (10 images)

We spoke of cold wintry weather, went out to look at the frosty morning and found small icy patches. Children put petals, leaves and twigs and a piece of string into lids, added water then left them out overnight to see if they would freeze. We had no luck for several nights but eventually it was cold enough. There was also ice put into a builder’s tray with small world animals. “It’s too freezing” It’s like skating” “It feels like putting my hand in the freezer” “It’s freezing and very hard” “It melts because it’s warm in the school”

Animal topic (4 images)

In Nursery we have been learning about animals this term. We have even had some interesting visitors.

Spirituality Week 6-10th June (13 images)

The whole school participated in Spirituality Week – “Finding God In All Things”. We prayed in different ways throughout the week. The children were thoughtful and reflective in their responses. Parents and children contributed prayers to our spirituality garden.

Celebrating 100% Attendance (2 images)

The children who had 100% attendance in the spring term were rewarded with a colourful wristband and sticker.

Nursery - Cooking (6 images)

We like to cook something every week in Nursery! We love to eat it even more!!

Expressing The Great Fire of London through dance (12 images)

Year 2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London in their history lessons. During their dance lesson they expressed this event through movement using some excellent music.

Year 2 Gymnastics May 2016 (7 images)

Year 2 enjoyed using various gymnastic equipment. They used the equipment safely and thought carefully about the different ways they could travel along, around, over and under it.

Year 2 Cricket Lessons with Sports Coach May 2016 (6 images)

Year 2 having been enjoying learning and perfecting their cricket skills, with the help of a Sport Coach.

Let's keep healthy and stay active! (12 images)

All the children in the EYFS have been staying healthy and active on our outdoor climbing equipment. All the children have also been learning to put any the equipment safely.

Celebrating the Queen's 90th Birthday 21.04.2016 (3 images)

School corridor displays celebrating what we know about ourselves and the ways we learn. (11 images)

This term our corridors displays have focused on our 'SEAL' topics. The children thought about and explored as a class the different ways we learn, our strengths as learners, knowing how we learn best, sharing and celebrating our 'gifts and talents' and knowing what makes us proud.

Year 2 Happy Town 18.4.16 (8 images)

Year 2 enjoyed a workshop aimed at exploring emotions, feelings and behaviour. 'Everyone is always happy in Happy Town...Well, almost always! One day things start to go wrong and one of the residents wakes up feeling unhappy. Before long, their mood has started affecting others and by the end of the day, the whole town is unhappy! Will they be able to solve their problems before bedtime? '

Year 2 visit Barnet Environmental Centre (9 images)

All our Year 2 children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the environmental centre. During their visit the did some pond dipping and hunted for bugs and insects under logs and leaves.

Easter flower arrangement - March 16 (3 images)

Gardening club have been busy again and have created a wonderful Easter flower arrangement.

Half Term Science Challenge 'Food and Eating' Feb 16 (8 images)

We all need to eat to survive, grow and be healthy. I'm sure you will be eating, cooking and baking during the half term holidays. Why not share your food discoveries and adventures with your friends at school by bringing in photographs, charts, recipes or pictures after the half term break.

Mother's Day flower arrangement. 4.3.16 (1 images)

Gardening club worked together to create this beautiful arrangement for all the special mummies in our school.

Year of Mercy Mass for Primary Schools (9 images)

Miss Lynch and Miss O'Gorman accompanied 5 children to Westminster Cathedral to celebrate The Year of Mercy Mass for Primary Schools. They were lucky enough to enjoy Mass from the very front row.

Ten Ten Theatre - Freedom Fighters (7 images)

All the children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 thoroughly enjoyed our visit from the Ten Ten Theatre group. The theme of the session was rules.

Door of Mercy (7 images)

Fr David blessed our Door of Mercy which we created in response to Pope Francis called for a Year of Mercy.

Year 2 Gymnastics After School Club (12 images)

Children are building up their upper body strength and improving their balance when working and travelling on various pieces of gymnastics apparatus.

Year 2 Games (8 images)

A tennis coach has been teaching the children some basic tennis skills.

Investigating light sources (5 images)

Year 1 have been learning all about light in their science lessons. They were investigating to see if shiny objects give us light.

Colour mixing (4 images)

Year 1 have been exploring colour. They have been mixing primary colours to make secondary colours.

Can buildings speak? (6 images)

We have been looking at patterns around the school. Children drew the patterns they observed around the school and then transferred these patterns on to modelling clay using a variety of tools.

SOS Day (7 images)

To help raise money for the Royal National Lifeboat Institution all children donated £1 and came to school wearing slippers or silly socks!!!

Ten Ten Theatre - Freedom Fighters (9 images)

All children enjoyed our 'Freedom Fighters' performance.

Science - Light (5 images)

Art - Colour Mixing (4 images)

Making soup (5 images)

In class we talked about ways to keep warm in winter. We made vegetable soup. Children helped with some washing and cutting, saw the cooked soup and observed the effect of blending. We had a soup party with bread and grated cheese.

Miss O'Gorman's class visit Burnt Oak Library (5 images)

The children are very keen and listened well to Julie, the librarian as she read a story. They shared books, sometimes helping each other with reading simple parts. As we left, one child said to Julie: “Are you coming back with us?”

Christmas Party Day (15 images)

All pupils throughout the school thoroughly enjoyed their 'Party Day'. Party food was shared, games with prizes were played and music was heard across the school. All the teachers joined in and had fun too!!

Year 2 Electricity pictures (9 images)

Year 2 pupils have been learning all about electricity in their science lessons. They used their knowledge of electrical circuits to 'light' up their Christmas pictures.

Our Christmas Garden (3 images)

All classes have contributed to creating our beautiful Christmas Garden which depicts the Christmas story. Each part of the Christmas garden has an accompanying song for the pupils to sing as they visit and recall the special story of Christmas.

Gardening Club (5 images)

The Year 2 Gardening Club meet each week at lunchtime to share lots of interesting gardening ideas. These photographs show the pupils enjoying egg and their very own grown cress sandwiches. Yum! Yum!

Autumn Science Challenge (7 images)

Autumn is here. We are in a new season. During the half term the children were asked to visit the park or woods to collect fallen leaves and find different kinds of interesting seeds. Here is a selection of the creative pictures, photographs and wonderful pieces of writing children completed with their family as part of our school 'Autumn Science Challenge'.

Harvest Liturgy (6 images)

Remembrance Liturgy (4 images)

Cooking in the mud kitchen (4 images)

Children in Nursery and Reception have been happily cooking and creating lovely dishes in their very own MUD KITCHEN!!!

Science Day (6 images)

All the children enjoyed our Science Day! Children particularly enjoyed exploring different sounds at the 'Sound Station'.

After School Clubs (6 images)

Barnet Football Club Sessions

Easter Bonnets (16 images)

Visiting Musicians (10 images)

Students from St James' Catholic High School entertain us with a musical performance.

Our Science Day (10 images)

Food tasting in Reception (4 images)

Cinderella Jan2015 (6 images)

Carol Singing (8 images)

Christmas Party Day (14 images)

Liturgies and Assemblies (13 images)

Christmas Concerts (9 images)

Life at The Annunciation Catholic Infant & Nursery School (11 images)