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As we learn and grow we let all our actions speak of God’s loving care

Door of Mercy








Blessing our Door of Mercy


Pope Francis has opened the Holy Door of St Peter’s to mark the beginning of the Year of Mercy.


Over the next year he invites us to open the doors of our hearts and minds and live out God’s mercy in our lives, to be compassionate and forgiving people.  He asks us to be merciful to others as God is merciful to us.


We gather here to bless our Holy Door.  Let it be a reminder to all who pass through it that Jesus is our way to his Father.  Let it serve as a symbol of God’s everlasting mercy and remind us to be merciful to others.  May the doors of our hearts be wide open to his call.                                                                                                                  



Blessing of the Door                                                                                                  

(Whilst sprinkling the door with Holy Water)

Bless this door.  May it be a reminder of the Year of Mercy to us.  When we go through this door let us remember we are walking with Jesus.  Let it remind us to show compassion, mercy and forgiveness to those who have hurt us.  When we open this door we remember we open our hearts and minds to others and become people of peace and love.                                                                     We ask this in Jesus’ name                                                                                                       



We say our school Year of Mercy Prayer

Loving Jesus                                                                                                                        

You taught us to show mercy through the story of the Good Samaritan.                                                                                       

You ask us to go and do the same, to be good Samaritans to others.                                                                                             

May we be your hands and feet of mercy,                                                                   

helping those in need through our actions.                                                                     

May we be your eyes of mercy,                                                                                                 

looking with compassion on the world.                                                                               

May our school be a community of mercy, showing love to others in your name.