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Subject Intent for History

At the Annunciation Catholic Infant School our History curriculum aims to stimulate pupils’ interest and inspire our pupils’ curiosity to know more about the past. History presents pupils with the opportunity to develop skills of inquiry and we ensure pupils have knowledge of historical vocabulary allowing them to be able to ask and answer questions about the past. We aim to bring history to life by providing pupils with first hand experiences through the use of a range of artefacts, external workshops and school trips as a way to making connections in their learning allowing pupils to remember more. Pupils in EYFS begin develop an understanding of chronology, by recognising and discussing how the present is different to events in the past using age appropriate vocabulary. Throughout KS1, we develop pupils’ understanding of historical interpretations, knowledge significant events and people in British history and encourage pupils to discuss how they have impacted on or influenced our society today.


PDF icon  History Policy (Next review November 2022)

PDF icon History Progression of Skills, Knowledge and Vocabulary